Must Read Books for Preschool Parents & Kids

must read books for preschool

There are undeniable benefits from a preschool setting when children attend the “right” educational preschool program. According to U.S. Department of Education, “Children who attend high quality preschool programs are less likely to utilize special education services or be retained in their grade, and are more likely to graduate from high school, go on to college, and succeed in their careers that those who have not attended high-quality preschool programs.” Furthermore, research states that the human brain grows at an exponential rate between birth and age six. Time spent in a preschool setting is prime time that will help develop every aspect of the whole child. At Brighton, we’ve put together a list of books for parents and kids preparing to enter preschool. Here are some must read books for preschool support and strategies for every child’s overall development.

The Whole-Brain Child

“The Whole-Brain Child is chock-full of strategies for raising happy, resilient children. It offers powerful tools for helping children develop the emotional intelligence they will need to be successful in the world. Parents will learn ways to feel more connected to their children and more satisfied in their role as a parent. Most of all, The Whole-Brain Child helps parents teach kids about how their brain actually works, giving even very young children the self-understanding that can lead them to make good choices and, ultimately, to lead meaningful and joyful lives.”—Christine Carter, Ph.D., author of Raising Happiness

The Whole-Brain Child Recommended by Brighton Center

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Developmentally Appropriate Practice is the foundation on which quality early learning is built. The fourth edition of this classic, influential text addresses developmentally appropriate practice. This is done within the context of the ever-changing and evolving world of early childhood education. Furthermore, with a strong focus on equity and teaching and supporting all children, it underscores the importance of social, cultural, and historical contexts of development. As a result, Developmentally Appropriate Practice made our list of must read books for preschool parents.

Research Based: Based on what the research says about child development, how children learn, and effective practices—as well as what professional experience tells the field about intentional teaching—this book provides a thorough discussion of the core considerations, principles, and guidelines that inform educators’ decision making. You’ll find extensive examples of effective approaches for teaching children across the early childhood spectrum as well as specific examples for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and children in the primary grades. This edition provides a comprehensive approach to implementing practices that ensure all young children have access to high-quality early learning.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice Recommended by Brighton Center

Inclusion Includes Us

Every person views the world based on their needs, culture, and life experience, and identifying our personal culture can empower us to find ways to work with the needs and culture of the children we care for, instead of using strategies to help children adapt to the classroom culture. Replace binary thinking (typical vs. atypical, acceptable vs. challenging, the norm vs. the other) with constellation thinking, considering each person based on their own unique combination of strengths.

Inclusion Includes Us seeks to replace barriers between early childhood educators and their students with an understanding that every person in the classroom has a unique combination of needs, strengths, and preferences. Consequently, this book will help early childhood educators reflect on how they view themselves and others in terms of both culture and abilities, offering concrete ideas for connecting with children of all cultures and abilities and creating a sense of belonging for everyone.

Inclusion Includes Us Recommended by Brighton Center

Going to Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Here I Come! and The Night before Kindergarten

Congratulations! Your little one is starting school. Without a doubt, it’s a thrilling time but also a big change. Indeed, that’s where these must read books for preschool come in. Help them feel curious and confident about the year ahead with this storybook. In fact, this storybook will show them what to expect—and how much fun kindergarten can be. Get the best in going-to-kindergarten books for kids with one that:

  • Inspires an open mind—Encourage kids to be brave and embrace new adventures as they follow kindergartners Mya, Frankie, Stella, and Jose on their first day.
  • Takes a positive attitude—This book keeps things light with scenarios that are encouraging and silly—without anything that might prompt nerves or fear.
  • Explains the entire day—Reassure kids with a story of what their whole day will look like, from getting up and dressed to arriving at school, eating lunch, and coming home again.

Going to Kindergarten Recommended by Brighton Center

Kindergarten Here I Come Recommended by Brighton Center

The Night Before Kindergarten Recommended by Brighton Center

Let’s Go to the Potty

Provide your toddler the gentle support and encouragement they need during potty training. Let’s Go to the Potty is an engaging, story-driven guide for toddlers ready to break free of the diaper. Accordingly, playful pictures give toddlers visual clues as to what their progress will look like. Additionally, a short, rhyming potty song teaches toddlers to communicate their needs. On the whole, these reasons make it a great addition to our must read books for preschool parents and kids.

Let’s Go to the Potty includes:

    • Age-appropriate content―Get toddlers interested in potty training with easy-to-understand, child-friendly language and images.
    • On-the-job potty training―Your little one can enjoy this book while on the potty. This book can help them develop positive feelings about the potty and reinforce their learning.
    • Support for all toddlers―An inclusive, gender-neutral approach makes it easy for any toddler to see themselves in the story.

Let's Go to the Potty Recommended by Brighton Center

Must Read Books for Preschool Parents and Kids

We hope you and your child enjoy these must read books for preschool.

“My two boys are now attending Brighton. We tried enrolling my 2 year old at another daycare and he hated it. He would cry as soon as he saw the school and was always crying when I picked him up. Needless to say we took him out in less than a week, and looked for another daycare for him and my infant. That’s when we found Brighton. It’s night and day at Brighton! We are on our second week and they love it and the teachers. No crying, no fussing, and they are learning so much! My 2 year old is talking more and he even wants to potty train. The baby has learned to clap his hands and say, “yay!” You can tell the teachers care about the students and I love that! We feel so comfortable with them there because we know we no longer have to worry when we leave them. They are in good hands!”