Best Holiday Gifts for Your Little One

Best Holiday Gifts for Toddlers

With the holidays quickly approaching, many parents are wondering what to place under the tree for their infants or toddlers. Brighton has come up with 6 ideas for toys that your child will enjoy, while also helping them build the hand-eye motor skills they’ll need in the years to come. Check out this list of best holiday gifts for your little one.

High Contrast Black and White Toys

Babies are born with blurred vision, it will gradually increase in 3 months, these high contrast black and white baby books can stimulate their retina and optic nerve, brain development. The soft fabric makes the books safe for babies to grab and chew on.

Soft Cloth Book Recommended by Brighton Center

Stacking Blocks

Teaching colors, numbers, language development, hand-eye coordination, cause and effect. Great to start using during infancy to chew safely and manipulate then can be used during toddler to target stacking. Soft rubber makes it safe for both infants and toddlers.

One Two Squeeze Baby Recommended by Brighton Center

Nesting Cups

Wide range of usage with nesting cups. Targeting cognitive skills with stacking a tower or stacking cups inside each other. Can be used in sensory play with water or sand, as well as, pretend play. Also targets fine motor skills with hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

Rainbow Stacking Cups Recommended by Brighton Center

Wooden Knob Puzzles & Wooden Peg Puzzles

Wooden knob puzzles have pieces with easy-grip knobs and matching pictures underneath for our kiddos starting with their first puzzles. Also, pick a puzzle with minimal pieces so it not overstimulating and easier to practice matching those few pictures. Wooden peg puzzles are for older toddlers to practice using pincer grasp when grasping the peg. These puzzles typically have more pieces to improve matching skills.

Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzles Recommended by Brighton Center

Wooden Peg Puzzles Set Recommended by Brighton Center

Kinetic Sand

When children play with the sand, they are engaging in pretend and manipulative play. Kinetic sand provides tactile and sensory stimulation while helping to develop fine motor skills and encourage creativity. Place the sand in a tub and add some toys to encourage language development. Some kiddos may find the sand calming and relaxing.

Kids Play Sand Set Recommended by Brighton Center

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Little One

We hope our list of best holiday gifts for your little one helps you identify a toy your infant or toddler will enjoy this season.

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Fran Starks, Tatiana’s Mom
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